Distribution & viewing

Delivering great films to our clients is only the first half of a successful campaign, ensuring the film is distributed and seen by the target audience is as, if not more, important.

For internal communications campaigns this is usually easier – commissioning clients will have a clear route to showing their films to staff – whether in person or over intranet.

For external communications, however, identifying the distribution method needs to be a core element of the brief and planning stage. It’s not good just sticking it up on YouTube and expecting it to find an audience.

For our recent campaign for Ofqual we were asked to plan the media spend for the campaign across all their social channels.

We delivered a media-buying strategy to the client that delivered way over government benchmarks for external comms – key highlights were a £0.01 per view on Twitter – against a benchmark £0.05 per view; £0.03 per view on Instagram – against a benchmark of £0.18 per view. Facebook was the largest platform used and delivered 50% views more than expected – owing to a twice as high VTR – and had 15% reduction against CPV as compared with the government benchmark.

Make sure you talk to us about your media planning as well as creative – it’s all part of the service!

Distribution & viewing