To Wash or not to Wash that is the question

Or rather that was the question, until we received our brief from the Food Standards Agency and realised not to wash was the answer.

To support Food Safety Week 2014 the FSA commissioned us to produce a short film around the dangers of washing chicken and spreading Campylobacter germs around the kitchen.

Dan took the lead on the film and working closely with Ben and Paul came up with an animated approach to grab the viewer’s attention and make them sit up and pay attention. Following a one day shoot in West London, we went straight into animation mode and with Ben working his magic in the After Effects suite and Dan taking overall creative control we were able to deliver a short film to the FSA that has been used across their social media platform.

With over 10,000 hits on its first day on YouTube the film has really hit its mark. The FSA commissioned further research from TNS who found that against the current leaflet on Campylobacter, the viewer was more likely to change their behaviour having seen the film compared with having read the leaflet.

Delivered in both English and Welsh the film will be used across food safety week, by retailers around the country and hosted on the FSA YouTube channel.

To Wash or not to Wash that is the question