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Films that deliver meaningful change.

The Pukka Process

Creative Development and Scripting

The initial and most vital part of the whole process is developing a creative concept that clearly communicates our client’s vision and objectives. At Pukka, we do extensive research before all else to make sure that the scripting clearly captures the brief, and aligns with desired outcomes. At this stage we also make sure that what we develop suits your budget, and that the schedule suits the timeline and respects client deadlines.


Once the script, schedule and budget have been approved, we move into the preparation stage which is pivotal in the smooth execution of the overall project. It involves selecting talented crew whose skills and experience suit the project, creating storyboards, casting the strongest talent and finding the best locations that compliment the whole production. We also cover all the paperwork involved from call sheets, risk assessments and artist contracts, to carnets and parking permits!


After all the groundwork has been put in place, the production stage is when the creative vision takes physical form. The production team handles all the logistical on-set coordination such as time-keeping, catering, safety protocols and transportation. The art department, wardrobe, hair and makeup and lighting departments work collaboratively to prepare the visual look and feel of the film. The director works with the actors to block, shape and guide the scenes which the camera and sound departments then bring to life.


Post-production is when visions become reality! Our skilled roster of editors get to work, delivering iterative cuts based on client feedback. VFX and motion graphics artists are on hand to add colour and flair where needed. The final online phase of any edit project culminates with sound design and colour grading – it’s always a joy to come together with our clients at any number of central London post-production houses to see how that polishing elevates our films in production value and style.

If you have mission and business-critical issues to address and recognise the role that quality film can play, you’ve come to the right place.