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The sky's the limit.

3D Digital Animation

We’ve had enormous success creating a wide variety of 3D animations for clients, from short form adverts to mult-hour suites of training material. 3D characters are often a way to represent real life situations (such as the innter workings of an airport or office) in a generalised and engaging way.
Our character animation can be created using our in house motion-capture technology for realistic human like movement, or animated using traditional cartoon style techniques to imbue figures with a larger than life personality.
Our in house design team create every loation, character and asset from the ground up, so we can represent your communication need without any compromise.

Click the image to view our 3D location/character animation reel.


Our digital team works hand in hand with our film production department in order to enable photoreal lifelike imagery that can sit hand in hand with live action footage. From simple green screen replacement to 100% digital shots that can be cut into a live action sequence, there’s no limit to what can be acheieved at a fully realistic level.
Our VFX team has aided in full explosion and fire simulations for training films and dramas, as well as small details such as costume and prop additions to filmed scenes created fully during post production.

Click the image to view our photoreal/VFX animation reel.

2D Animation and Graphics

We also have a lot of experience in creation of 2D character animation, as well as inforgraphic-style animation. We use a large number of artists who can bring different visual styles to pieces, from slick and profesional vector based art, to handmade and organic styles.

Click the image to view our 2D animation and graphics reel.


As well as linear animation, our digital team are also capable of developing cutting edge interactive content. We can provide immersive experiences in virtual reality, extender reality and screen based formats. From virtual site visits to interactive narratives, adding a degree of interactivity to your messaging or learning need can really improve the effectiveness of communication, education and behavioural change.

If you have mission and business-critical issues to address and recognise the role that quality film can play, you’ve come to the right place.