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Awards, action stunt filming & pasta!

In May we took over Blackpool to produce our latest security film on the importance of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation to protect people in public spaces. The aim was a high-impact and memorable film that would highlight how vulnerable crowds are in unprotected spaces.

Our security sector client celebrated the viewing figures which were x20 more than their average weekly views following the release of the film, and twice the amount of internal engagement as their other comms.

Check out a behind the scenes look at our three-day shoot in Blackpool below.

Our two films for Video Arts on wellbeing issues in the workplace for female staff are nominated in the Heath and Wellbeing category. These two short films tackle how to support employees experiencing the menopause and their periods – in the form of absurdist comedy.

Attitudinal change was the goal – achieved here with high concept scripts and stellar comic performances from a wonderful cast.

A Period Drama‘ delivers a new slogan for how we should talk about periods at work: ‘don’t make a drama out of a period’! Check out the films here.

We’ve just wrapped a shoot for a client in northern Italy. This health and safety film was shot at the site where a new railway is being built to connect Verona and Milan.

We at Pukka are big believers in the power of film as a learning tool to influence and change behaviour – especially in the H&S field. When the storytelling and messaging really clicks with an audience on a fundamental human level, our clients often see lowered rates of accidents amongst workers as a result of a powerful piece of safety film comms.

Plus, it’s always great to produce shoots abroad – especially when the crew end up eating some of the best pasta and pizza going with a view of Lake Garda in their downtime!

Quote of the Month

“Cinema is universal; beyond flags and borders and passports.”

– Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu