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Pukka Films 2023

Happy Christmas! 

We hope you have a lovely holiday and a fabulous New Years ♥

Check out our 2023 Year in Review video for a glimpse at some of the work we’ve produced this year.

Another year is over, and it has been a huge pleasure to produce new exciting and ground-breaking projects for our clients new and returning. This year has been filled with high-intensity drama, large-scale logistics, real-people stories and a continuation of 3D animation across the security sector.

As always it is the variety that keeps us going! In 2023 we’ve handled sensitive and difficult subject matters while working with young people, pushed the boat out in costume design and we have enjoyed supplying dramatised assets for an online L&D experience.

A big thank you to all the wonderful creatives, casts and crews we have had the pleasure of working with in 2023 – it’s talent, imagination and innovation which continue to elevate how we work, and what we can deliver.

We’ve also just finished our new website – have a look around and let us know what you think.  There’s a lot of new work on there; trailers, films, animations and other content that we’ve produced over the years.

We’re very pleased to be ending this year with a bang, taking home 8-awards from the EVCOM Award Ceremony 2023. Our top 3 include:

Exploited for CEOP won GOLD for in the Learning and Development category
Fire As A Weapon for NPSA won joint Silver in the Health & Safety category
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation for NPSA also won joint Silver in the Health & Safety category

Quote of the Month

“My movie is born in my head, dies on paper and is resuscitated by the living persons I work with.”

Robert Bresson

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